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eBike & Hike: Waitomo to Ruakuri Round Trip

If time is of the essence, fear not, for this adventure is here to fulfill your yearning for exploration without compromising on the awe-inspiring sights. The Ruakuri Bush walk, hailed as one of Aotearoa-New Zealand’s finest 45-minute walks, promises a compact yet diverse adventure. In its concise length, it unfurls a tapestry of caves, tunnels, pristine forests, and a breath-taking gorge that will leave you spellbound. And the ride, graded 1-2, offers the perfect preamble, mostly on sealed roads that beckon with the thrill of the unknown.

The journey commences at the heart of the Waitomo Ebikes base, a starting point that symbolises the excitement of what lies ahead. A gentle pedal across the road leads you onto a bush track, a precursor to the grandeur awaiting you. The path gracefully guides you to the Waitomo Caves carpark, please be aware of cars entering & exiting the carpark. Ascending to the carpark’s summit, you’ll soon cross the main road – a moment that demands caution, as the road pulses with the rhythm of tourism traffic. Once on the other side of road please keep as far to the left as much as possible.

With each rotation of your pedals, anticipation builds as you approach a roundabout, a marker that guides you left into Tumutumu Road. Here, a gentle ascent greets you, leading to a plateau that sets the stage for your journey’s core. A signpost to the Ruakuri Scenic Reserve signals your entrance to a realm of profound Maori cultural significance.

Descending into the reserve, a descent that demands both exhilaration and care, you approach the carpark and the gateway to the Ruakuri Bush walk. You can safely lock your bike to one of the posts at the nearby shelter and let your feet tread the path less traveled.

The Ruakuri Bush walk – a masterpiece in a compact canvas. Native foliage and limestone outcrops create a living tapestry that accompanies your every step, as the symphony of the Waitomo Stream provides the soundtrack to your journey. Steep gorges and flowing waters bear witness to the majesty of te Taiao, the natural world that envelops you.

The crown jewel of the Ruakuri Walk is the Ruakuri Natural Tunnel, a cathedral-like cave where the stream dances its eternal ballet. Venture within, beneath the gaze of stalactites and stalagmites, and let wonder fill your senses. Native birds grace the canvas too, with kereru, tui, and piwakawaka weaving their stories into the foliage.

A loop track brings you full circle, across the Waitomo stream and back to where your journey began. Your trusty bike awaits, ready to carry you back along the route that unveiled this symphony of experiences.

Summing up this escapade, reserve 1 to 1.5 hours to bask in the entirety of the journey – from the first pedal stroke to the final step. The Waitomo ki Ruakuri beckons – a harmonious convergence of eBiking and walking, of ancient wonders and modern joy. Embrace this compact journey, where time bows to the magic of discovery and nature’s embrace.

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AJ's Circuit: Journey on Two Wheels

Embark on an easy going journey along AJ’s Circuit graded 2-3, a 25km ride across a mix of sealed and gravel roads (you can check the route out at this link). This is a leisurely addition to the Ruakuri Bush walk that takes you through the enchanting landscapes of the Waitomo area. The adventure begins at Waitomo Ebikes base, inviting you to savour the atmosphere that lies ahead.

Heading off from our base you’ll enjoy the anticipation as you navigate a bush track, an introduction to the mix of trails that you’ll ride on AJ’s Circuit. At the end of the bush track you’ll come into the Waitomo Caves carpark, watch out for cars coming to and from the carpark as you power your ebike up a short steep section to the main road. Pause at the top to check for traffic before you cross this busy section of the road and then follow it around to your right where you’ll come to a round-about where you turn left into Tumutumu Road.

Meander into the unknown as you encounter a gentle ascent that leads to a plateau, the heart of your adventure. A signpost invites you to the Ruakuri Scenic Reserve, offering a choice: continue on the relaxed ride of AJ’s Circuit or explore the charming Ruakuri Bush Walk. The decision is yours, but the latter promises an experience well worth the effort. If you do chose the walk, you can lock your bike up against the shelter to your left upon entering the walking track.

For those opting to skip the bush walk, the journey unfolds as Tumutumu Road transforms into a gravel-clad ascent. With the freedom to chose your power level and gears, a steady climb provides panoramic views of a deep valley, farmland and native forest. You’ll reach the pinnacle for a leisurely undulating ride where the road changes its name to Boddies Road. As the road flattens out and if the weather is clear, look to your right where you’ll get views of Mt Ruapehu and a glimpse of Mt Ngauruhoe and maybe even Mt Tongariro. These are the volcanoes that make up the Central North Island Volcanic Plateau.

Continuing on your journey you’ll pass by two tourism operations, Kiwi Cave Rafting and Spellbound Glowworm & Cave Tours. You may want to return another time to indulge in these activities and experience the diversity of tourism ventures the Waitomo region has to offer. Not long after passing these operators you’ll soon be switching back to a sealed road. Once on the seal it’s all downhill to the intersection of Boddies and Oparure Road where you turn left.

A word of caution here, although the speed limit is 50km and there are signs that a school lies ahead, heavy truck and trailer units use this road. Please stay as far to the left as possible, thankfully you’re only on this stretch of road for 1km. Along the way you will pass Te Wharekura o Maniapoto, a total immersion Māori language school. Not much further past the school you will see a sign post for the turn left into Fullerton Road where you’ll be back to the peace of a quiet country road.

Riding along Fullerton Road you’ll encounter some steady ascents that afford views off to your right of farmland and forest. Reaching the peak of the road it’s then a mostly downhill glide back to Waitomo Caves Village. You turn left towards the village at the end of Fullerton Road.

Summing up AJ’s Circuit please allow 2-3 hours to soak in the entirety of this journey especially if you include the Ruakuri Bush walk. This ride is a great introduction to the natural wonders of the area tempting you to embrace other rides with Waitomo Ebikes

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Ride, Revel, Explore: Waitomo to Otorohanga eBike Journey with Kiwi House Visit

If you’re on a short timeframe but have 2-4 hours to spare and want to do something beyond the ordinary. You can embark on an eBike journey from Waitomo Caves to the charming town of Otorohanga along the scenic Waitomo Valley Road.

This is a return ride of 30km all on sealed roads and is graded as a grade 1-2 ride. Also although the Waitomo Valley Road does not experience a lot of motor vehicle traffic it does from time to time have tourist buses and vans as well as locals travelling along it. For your safety please keep as far to the left as possible.

Setting off from Waitomo Caves, your eBike becomes your trusty steed, carrying you along a relatively flat road with a small hill-climb in either direction. The road unveils the raw beauty of the Waitomo Valley. As you pedal, the landscape dances around you – rolling and bush clad hills, lush greenery, and the Waitomo Stream that weaves through the terrain like a silver thread.

Once you come to the end of the Waitomo Valley Road you’ll encounter a busy highway. As soon as the road is clear you ride across it onto a narrow road that loops you around to where you will once again cross the busy highway. Once on the other side you then ride across the bridge leading to Otorohanga. At the end of the bridge you turn right onto a cycle and walking trail that runs alongside of the Waipa River. Following the trail around to your right and on pass the Motorhome park and the local High School leads to a highlight of your journey awaiting at the Otorohanga Kiwi House, a haven for native wildlife enthusiasts.

Park your eBike and immerse yourself in the vibrant world of New Zealand’s unique flora and fauna. The star of the show, the iconic kiwi bird, takes center stage, captivating you with its charm and rarity. Let your soul connect with these remarkable creatures as they go about their daily routines in a setting that mirrors their natural habitat.

Leaving the Kiwi House behind, you can make your way into the town of Otorohanga. Here you can visit the renowned Haddads clothing store, a true local gem located on the town’s main street. Here, style meets tradition, offering you a chance to explore a range of quality clothing and accessories that reflect the essence of New Zealand’s rugged country clothing scene.

But the journey isn’t just about sights; it’s a culinary exploration too. The Thirsty Weta, The Big O Cafe and the Fat Kiwi Cafe invite you to savour their sumptuous offerings, from artisanal beverages to mouth-watering treats that satisfy every craving. Pause, indulge, and let the flavours become a part of your memory.

A unique stop at the Otorohanga Railway Station leads you to Origin Coffee, a haven for coffee connoisseurs. As the rich aroma of freshly brewed beans envelops you, take a moment to savour a cup of liquid gold, a testament to the art of crafting the perfect brew.

The essence of Otorohanga unfolds in its diverse culinary scene. From the aromatic spices of Thai cuisine to the rich tapestry of Indian flavours, the delicate artistry of Japanese dishes, and the hearty delights of Turkish cuisine – your taste buds become the travelers, journeying through a world of tastes and traditions.

As your ebike journey comes to an end in Otorohanga you return via the same route back to Waitomo Caves. The ride from Waitomo Caves to Otorohanga is an easy riding route so hop on your eBike and embark on this ride that leaves you with more than just memories – it leaves you with a newfound appreciation for the journey itself.

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eBike Odessey: Hauturu to Honokiwi

Prepare to uncover a hidden gem of a ride that awaits your discovery – the Hauturu to Honokiwi Hall journey is the kind of trail that e-bike riders relish, an uncharted marvel that showcases the best of what Waitomo Ebikes has to offer (you can check the route out at this link).

This is a ride of 3-5 hours depending on how many stops you make to take in the awe-inspiring scenery, vistas, wild goats, turkeys and stray sheep!! Total distance from drop off to pick up is 51kms.

Picture this: A ride that captures the essence of wanderlust, a trail tested out by one of our very own founders who sought to explore the unexplored on an e-bike. Nestled within the collection of extraordinary e-bike rides, this one stands out as a true jewel in the crown.

The escapade commences just 9km West of Waitomo Caves Village. Once you are dropped off you can let the gravel road beneath your tires set the stage for a captivating journey ahead. Rated as a grade 2-3 ride, this route is an ideal blend of challenge and exhilaration, tailored perfectly for e-bike riders seeking an authentic encounter with the untamed.

What sets this route apart? It’s not just the undulating terrain or the stunning vistas; it’s the sense of solitude as you pedal along a road that’s rarely frequented by motor vehicles, save for the local farmers who understand the art of coexisting with nature. With the road gently winding and narrowing at times, a respectful camaraderie forms between riders, urging them to keep left and embrace the shared experience.

As you venture deeper into this rugged paradise, keep in mind that connectivity is a luxury. Embrace the thrill of disconnecting from the digital world, and if you venture forth with an adventurous spirit, consider carrying or renting a locator device for added peace of mind.

The journey unfurls with undulating terrain that soon transforms into a steady uphill climb. Your surroundings morph into a Karst wonderland – limestone landscapes that hold secrets of sinkholes, natural bridges, and underground rivers. Karst’s unique beauty accompanies you as you venture through sweeping views of the Waikato region, occasionally sharing the road with the untamed spirits of wild goats and sheep that have broken free from their confines.

As the ascent reaches its zenith, your eyes will be drawn to a fork in the road, a decision point that urges you to stay left along Hauturu Road. The trail continues with its rolling tapestry of farmland and forest, and at just the right moment, a panoramic view of Mt Ruapehu graces the horizon, a reward for your determination.

The descent that follows into the Awaroa Valley is nothing short of euphoric. A 5km rush that unveils a memorial paying homage to local pioneers, a testament to the storied history of this land. Gaze right, and the elusive Awaroa Falls beckon from a distance, a sight reserved for the eyes alone. As you navigate the descent, remember to embrace the moment, for speed and scenery converge in a dance of exhilaration.

Upon the valley floor, a cattle yard appears to your right, a haven for catching your breath and absorbing the panorama. Here, nature’s symphony plays, inviting you to linger and indulge in a bite to eat while showing the utmost respect for the environment that cradles you.

As you pedal forward, the Awaroa River becomes your companion, its waters a refreshing temptation on a sun-soaked day. The backdrop of native forests on steep hillsides paints a scene of untamed beauty, an ode to the land’s untouched spirit.

Crossing the Awaroa River bridge signals a shift into farmland, a gateway to the intersection of Hauturu and Kaimango roads. Turning right onto Kaimango Road marks the beginning of a gradual ascent, a 9km endeavour that may present false summits but ultimately rewards you with a 4km exhilarating downhill ride along the Honokiwi Road. Soon the gravel section ends and the rest of the ride is along sealed road for 8 kms until you reach the pick up point at the Honokiwi Hall.

This is a ride that seamlessly marries challenge with enchantment. As the landscape unfolds around you, Waitomo Ebikes will be waiting offering a comforting hot drink to toast to your triumphs before returning you to our base.

Hauturu Road to Honokiwi Hall beckons, a haven for e-bike riders yearning to embrace the uncharted. Here, the beauty of nature’s embrace is yours to claim, a tale of ascent and descent, of winding roads and open skies. Seize this invitation to embark on a journey that will etch its story in your memory. Your e-bike adventure awaits; answer its call with the thrill of discovery and the promise of memories that will forever ride with you.

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From Caves to Coast: An Epic eBike Ride

Are you ready for an electrifying adventure? The Caves to Coast ride beckons you to a truly unique experience in the heart of Aotearoa-New Zealand. This ride, designed with e-bike riders in mind, offers a thrilling journey through stunning landscapes and hidden gems that few have the privilege to explore.

Embark on a 60km escapade that starts at our drop off point just 14km West of Waitomo Village. With a majority of the route meandering along gravel roads, you’ll find yourself immersed in untouched beauty. As you pedal along, take in the picturesque farmland scenery, with only the occasional local farmer as your fellow road companion. Worried about traffic? Fear not – this route is sparsely traversed by vehicles, guaranteeing a peaceful and immersive ride.

There are a couple of brief sealed road sections, one at 2km and the other at 5km concluding your journey into the charming seaside enclave of Marokopa. Don’t be deterred by the narrow one-lane stretches on the main uphill and downhill paths – just stay left and enjoy the mesmerising vistas.

Now, let’s address the vital question: Is this ride suited to you? Absolutely! Graded at 2-3, this route caters to most riders. While a reasonable fitness level will enhance your experience, e-bikes are ideal for this journey, provided they’re used responsibly, equipped with ample battery capacity, and you’re prepared to complete the trail in case of a power hiccup.

Safety first! Be mindful of the intermittent cell-phone coverage throughout the ride. For added security, consider carrying or renting a locator beacon to ensure you’re prepared for any unforeseen situations.

The journey itself promises an unparalleled exploration of Aotearoa-New Zealand’s hidden corners. Traverse undulating landscapes, accompanied by lush farms and enchanting native forests, all leading you to the West Coast settlement of Marokopa. On clear days you’ll be able to catch glimpses of the Central North Island volcanoes adding to the enchantment of your ride.

As the route unfolds you’ll either be able to give yourself a good workout or go into cruise mode for a steady 6km ascent where once at the top you’ll relish a 5km descent through the magnificent Whareorino Conservation Area. Amidst the calls of diverse birdlife and the symphony of flowing water, you’ll feel like you’re part of nature’s orchestra. Exercise caution as you navigate the downhill stretch – the exhilaration might get the best of you!

Conclude your journey with an awe-inspiring vista of the West Coast beaches before descending into Marokopa. Pedal along Marokopa Road onto Rauparaha Road past the Holiday Park and into Moana Quay. Your adventure ends here with a choice of hot drink, where Waitomo Ebikes awaits to take you back to Waitomo Caves stopping on the way for you to visit one of New Zealand’s most stunning (and secret) waterfalls, the Marokopa Falls.

Don’t miss your chance to embark on the Caves to Coast ride – an e-bike escapade through nature’s hidden wonders. Unleash your sense of adventure, embrace the exhilaration of e-biking, and create memories that’ll last a lifetime. Book your ride now and unlock the treasures of Aotearoa-New Zealand like never before!